The video for “Le Tigre” pops with hidden innuendos and dream like revelations. Staged like an elaborate off-Broadway avant garde production, the clip kicks off with Michael Ford quivering on the ground with a slice of blood on his neck. He sings in a brown velvet croak, “You’re built like an earthquake” and we’re off into a tripped out twilight realm. The Ford brothers employ a stark minimalist style when it comes to their visual productions. Their style relies on fitted clothing with minimal accouterments, their hair short and wispy around their sculpted faces. While they look like twins, Ben is actually the elder by a year-and-a-half.

This latest visual offering centers on the brothers going about their business with their instruments and singing while a bevy of fencers spar in front of them and eventually begin closing in around them. It’s an image both elegant and claustrophobic, violent and graceful, not that the musicians seem to notice. Michael’s voice raises a few pitch levels as he sings “I don’t see it as a problem.”  Ben Ford drops well placed riffs as they play dueling guitars. It’s a compact unity that still leaves room to breathe. They create an unassuming force with their music that shivers with charisma and dramatic overlays.

The fencers shed their mass to reveal seriously smudged eyes and pale haunted faces.  All of these sparse decorations are the makings of a nightmare: a bowl of fruit is tended by a snake, the bite of an apple the start of The Demise. The fencing team surrounds Ben as he continues to provide fuzzed-out riffs. It’s a suitably hazy and off-kilter video for a song that holds the exact same traits. It ends as it began with Michael once again on the floor slathered in blood, his eyes blotted out by burnt wine corks. “You’re built like an earthquake. Well I should know not to feel it.”

Airpark is a band seeped in style, sophistication and substance. Their guitar playing is ripe with vibrato and bravado. They play off one another, each seeming to sense when to back off to let the other shine. Wonderful band. Wonderful video. Looking forward to more.


Tina Romano