WeIl, well, well, what do we have here?  Did Kevin Parker team up with The Growlers? We’ve got some lite trippy grooves clashing with snarling surf punk vibes for sure, but those vocal lines are far too melodious and in sync to be either of those bands, the amps too distorted, the execution too off-the-cuff. Checking the notes, apparently what we have here is a band called Lucille Furs.

With their lit-up chameleon thrift store racks of moldy sounds sounds, baroque and psychedelia being the genres that float to the top,  the Furs come at us with the awesomely named “Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration”,  all The Zombies melodies,  Davies Brothers crunch, plus a bit of Monkees tossed in as extra flavor we didn’t know we needed. Gomez fans will find this pretty far out for sure, but in looking up their photos we’ve got some glam shit going on that doesn’t quite come through in the music. These Lucille Furs sure are consistently intriguing. Otherworldly, even.

And there’s a video! Five Furs marching barefoot in the dessert. An arid Abbey Road. They take a seat on some desolate driftwood. Their garments shine in the sun. The singer has hair like a pre-self destruct Lizard King. The guitar man wields a Gibson Firebird like an ornament in a sacred procession.  A drumline is banged out on a maraca. A flute line somehow manages to sound like an LA freeway in the summer of 1973. Judging by the vibe, the video, the sounds, one wouldn’t be crazy to assume the Lucille’s are from LA or even a smaller surf town along the coast where there’s more weed dispensaries than convenience stores, but a quick Google search reveals they are from…Chicago? The fuck?

Lucille Furs is a mystery to us. Just another reason to love them. And we’re happy to hand this enigma Track Of The Day.

Tina Romano