If you are looking for a sassy, breezy, non mercurial song to brighten your January afternoon, take a SOAK.  SOAK, the nom de plume of a 22-year-old multi-faceted musician Bridie Monds-Watson from Northern Ireland will be releasing her first new music in 3 years. The first I heard of her was yesterday on the wonderfully eclectic radio station WTSQ. From the very first chords this thing cooks at a lighthearted sizzle. Initially, it reminded me a bit of the underrated Ivy, whose music was known for its sunshiney vibes. Monds-Watson comes strutting in after 30 seconds or so with the anthemic pronouncement:  “You can again, again, knock me off my feet/But I won’t stop now you can take a seat”

The video shows her at an amateur demolition derby on a small race course. Her vehicle rushes around the track. There’s a smack and a crash. Her car is pushed to the side.  Plumes of pink smoke emerge. She waits for the emergency crew while she sings: “Maybe it’s all in my brain/ People don’t look at me the same/ I feel weird something’s changed”

She gets back in the race in the next scene, pushing hard to capture the winning spot. The last scene follows her initial journey in her red race driver suit and sees her high atop a hill, singing: “She won’t be beat”.

It’s a breezy, fun video for a breezy, fun track with killer hooks. It’s just what I needed. And it’s my track of the week.


Tina Romano