Knightlife, a 4 piece band existing in Philly,  has clearly put in the work to craft a batch of crisp, sparkling power pop three-minute bangers that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the airwaves of 1994.

“Molly Ringwald’ shimmers and teases and flaunts a set of lyrics that a young Rivers Cuomo (or an older Rivers Cuomo for that matter) wouldn’t toss to the cutting room floor. After a spiraling guitar intro, the track evens out into an emo pop stomper focusing on a familiar theme of emo pop stompers everywhere: not being able to fit into the current culture. But in this instance the misfits of Knightlife tie their alienation into the cast of characters played by Molly R. during her 80’s John Hughes heyday. “I tried to join the pack,” the vocals admit over a candy rush of riffs and crisp, propulsive drums. “I hold myself down to try to break the chains.”

This is an exceptionally well-produced track that centers on the rhythm section, allowing the punchy guitar lines to preen and primp above the rumble, and the harmonizing is infectious.  The break at the 2:37 mark is a too-much-sugar toothache rush like something off the latter half of The Green Album. “Molly Ringwald” is a perfectly executed pop punk stormer that would have been multi-platinum in 1998.

Keep the dream alive, young Knighlifes.

Check Out their full length LP Forever Flight.

Tina Romano