Kittenhead knocked my sideways when i first stumbled across their rollicking track “Bettie”.  Based in LA, Kittenhead consists of four friends who combine a fuzzed-out ’90s kick with a splash Debbie Harry.

“Bettie” kicks off fierce and furious, and somehow gets even more raucous as it lurches toward conclusion. Lead singer Kivi struts in her thigh-high, thick-heeled GoGo boots, white pleated mini skirt and black tank, spitting the lyrics with measured vehemence.

Like many of the K Heads’ other tracks, “Bettie” carries a contagious, anthemic quality, with the band locked into a powerful lockstep that barrels right over the modest, small-gig crowd as if they were rocking a stadium.

The band’s name comes from when Kivi and her bandmates were on the phone trying to come up with a suitable moniker and Kivi’s cat, Roary The Adorable, whisked by and Kivi yelled “Hey, Kittenhead!”. The bandmates thought, “Hey yea that works!” Thus, Kittenhead was born and I, for one, am glad that they were. You should be too.

Tina Romano