“We are the Record Company. We play Rock n Roll.”

How do you not want to tune in to listen? Chris Vos’ booming voice and innovative guitar playing and lyrics like “East side thriller killer / Roll bones drop stones raw bones get to know / I was born to kick up dust/ I don’t trust no one but blood.” This band does it all for me. The hard driving guitar, the warm ripply bass deftly handled by Alex Stiff and rounded out with Marc Cazorla’s smashing percussion. Chis Vos’ voice blows everyone away.  Tambourine and harmonica are added for stylish down home effect.  This bearded bunch plays like they have been playing together all along. But apparently they all had other bands they played in and then got together 5 years ago. They played in their living rooms and still do Living Room concerts (check them out on YouTube) in addition to playing Madison Square Garden! They sound best in an intimate setting though while they just funk it up effortlessly. I can’t get enough of Vos’ husky smoky creased voice.  They released “Give it Back to You” in 2016, and they sure did give it back to their supporters.  The song “Off the Ground” came flying out hot and tasty, full of rocking boot-thumping action. Unabashed and direct, the guys came out of the box with this barn burning anthem of sorts. The next song “Rita Mae Young” is a succulent tune about losing your love, who may not be a good choice in lover. Rolling Stone lifted their name into the atmosphere by naming them one of the 10 artists you needed to know in 2016. In the next stand-alone song they sent out into the world (“Baby I’m Broken”), Vos screams in his burly vocals:

I’m filled with trouble baby
It’s such a grind grind grind
Working to hide all the time from saying

That’s right
Whoa that’s right
I feel I’m broken

I found myself throwing my hands in the air in solidarity. I feel you, brother!

Their latest release, “All of This Life,” stays with their main theme centered on self-awareness, self-actualization, and cleaning up the damn mess you made. I hear none of the excuses or blame that I sometimes hear with these types of songs. It’s not his father’s fault, mommy didn’t treat him bad, a jilting by a lover didn’t cause him to go out on a bender. These songs make you take a look at your all life. I’ve made “Life to Fix” into my 2018 anthem:

I got this life to fix
Threw it all out in a ditch
Broken down when I was sick
Gotta build it back up brick by brick

In an interview, they said fans from all walks of life come up to them after shows to tell them how their music healed their pain after a “divorce, job loss, or plain just f;;king up.” I read somewhere else where the writer said this song is like a “seventh inning stretch anthem.” I am down with singing this song with a stadium full of strangers. The Record Company creates relatable songs, not puffy songs about their woes, and the boys make noise. The kind of noise we need right now.


Tina Romano