Tarantüla makes me want to break shit.

Immediately thought Discharge.  Immediately thought Poison Idea.  Immediately thought some old Boston Bands – perhaps just not as fast, but with more growl in the voice. Not in a derivative way, but reminiscent of an attitude and approach hardcore bands took in the 80’s, when I was sowing my own seeds on hardcore.

Distortion turned way-up on guitar and bass. Deep, baritone vocals. Simple, straight, smashing drumming – All true to the ‘classic’ hardcore formula. Very familiar sounding, without ever sounding stale.

30-plus years later, and I can without doubt say, this is the real deal.

Dave DeLuca

Key Tracks

There are five songs for a total of 9 minutes and 35 seconds. Listen to the whole damn thing. Twice. Very Loud.