Sonic Youth

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #31: Thurston Moore “By The Fire”

Thurston Moore, By The Fire, (Rough Trade) It’s truly a bewildering thing to behold, especially for members of my g-g-generation who haven’t died before they got old, that our perennial ageless-cool-dude-in-a-cool-band figurehead has become something else entirely as the latter 2010s… Continue Reading →

Bear Flambe’ Bring On The Bible Black Post Punk On “Laying Brick”

Zac Wood is building up his own reality. When one isn’t satisfied with their world, then what else is there to do? For Wood, after being in numerous bands, he decided to tackle the challenge of being his own one-man… Continue Reading →

Losing In Style With Bully

She’s a little bit Carrie Brownstein and a little bit Kelly Deal, only with with flowing blonde hair that emits a sens of Nordic self confidence. She oozes cool without telling you she knows she is cool. I sincerely doubt… Continue Reading →

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