John Coltrane

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #4 Oranssi Pazuzu “Mestarin Kynsi”

Oranssi Pazuzu, Mestarin Kynsi (Nuclear Blast) In the music press’ relentlessly clinical drive to fully classify absolutely every note laid down in the history of recorded music, you really have to root hard for a unit like Oranssi Pazuzu. Shamanistic, Finnish,… Continue Reading →

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #5: The Dream Syndicate “The Universe Inside”

The Dream Syndicate, The Universe inside (Anti-) In their original incarnation, Steve Wynn’s Dream Syndicate came on concise and uptight, sardonic and fey, all sharp angles and Nu Wave hairdos. Although this same concept would have been more than welcome with… Continue Reading →

Straight Outta’ Epping Forest: The Trent Halliday Interview

Trent Halliday just drips sophistication. Coming straight outta’ Epping Forest, a place that “straddles the border between Greater London and Essex” (perk up those ears, English folk enthusiasts), his music is littered with with cinematic avant garde nuggets. Trent works… Continue Reading →

Both Directions At Once – The Lost John Coltrane Album Everybody’s Talking About

When I first heard that a recently discovered John Coltrane was being released, I didn’t have high expectations.  I mean, I’ve heard collectors state emphatically that if Coltrane farted on record, they’d listen.  I eschewed it, assuming that it was… Continue Reading →

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