Secret American brings on that good old-fashioned radio rock bliss. A  gigantic 7-piece band, they have an aspect that has been sorely lacking in mainstream-reaching guitar bands since the far off days of The Strokes: Exuberance. And they match their ebullience with the type of hooks that really carry the whole thing over, and in this case that “thing” includes synchronized live dancing. Most of the Secret Americans live in the currently mighty music city of Philly, but Derek Krzywicki, lead singer and principal songwriter, took a plane ride to the West coast and never came back, putting the “bi” in this now bi-coastal band.

Known for their whimsical vibe and infectious hooks, SA keep their music sunny and their guitars tunes twangy. A good comparison might be Beck in his lighter moments or prime era Beach Boys with a hint of Dick Dale tossed in on the gooves. With Derek spending the bulk of his time in Carpentaria, California, this beachy California pop-rock influence makes sense. With the release of new single “Lonely”, SA has really taken that AM Gold thread and ran with it, ushering in ultra-warm vocal harmonies that serve to mask bittersweet lyrics like, “If you want to be like me you better be lonely”.

If you dig this single then it would be worth checking out their 2018 album Warmth and Shelter.  Plus, they’ve been starting to venture outside their Philly stomping grounds for some shows.

Check them out before they blow up on the festival circuit.


Jessica Komyati