The Spiritual Significance Of The Crow – It is usually believed that the crow is a symbol of bad luck and death, but it is not always the case. As we have already said, a crow may be a symbol of life magic and mysteries. It also symbolizes intelligence, flexibility and destiny.

Rumors swirl on the neo jam circuit. The teasers are coming fast and hard now. The Black Crowes dropped their logo on The Gram. Will this be a 30 Year Anniversary Tour? A new album? Both? Whatever the case, it’s a cash grab of the most cynical and calculated kind, but in this instance it comes with a satisfactory bit of uncertainty. Can Chris and Rich Robinson be on stage near each other for a solid 90 mins? And can they do this night after night for dozens of shows? Will they have to remove the sharp objects from the dressing rooms and the tour buses? Can they even occupy the same dressing rooms and tour buses?

Or will everything be all good just as it was during this stripped down performance on the Brothers Of A Feather tour?


Watching this footage can even make you look beyond all the current cash grabbing. Just the brothers with some backup singers doing their motherfucking thing. Rich is the rare rocker who doesn’t play an acoustic guitar as if it were an electric. Chris does his super emotive front man thing, devoid of any form of self consciousness, singing of truth and hurt, of thorns in his pride. You just can’t get away from the truth, run as you may. Say what you will about Chris Robinson (god knows he always has lots to say) but the dude really goes all in no matter if it’s with the Crowes or The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. RIP to that band, who was really rather incredible, and to Neal Cassal. No matter the stage, from arenas to clubs to bars, this is one of the last remaining true rock front men of the classic mold. And yet, The Crowes Brothers’ palpable brotherly hatred has long caused even their staunchest defenders to cringe a bit, especially when they go at each other publicly. Which is often. So how will all this actually turn out?

Similar rumors often swirl about a different set of brothers who the Crowes Bros actually once toured with on the equally cynical “Hey We’re Brothers That Fight! Pay Us Money!” Birds Of A Feather Tour in 2001, but fuck the Gallagher Bros heading back on tour to appease their mum or whatever. Did Liam knock up yet another groupie and owes more child support? Use a condom you parka-wearing wanker. With the Crowes it’s different. The hate is more organic, the love more surface-level, the comments less  headlines/soundbite savvy. This is a slower rivalry, more southern in its brutal grace. Perhaps this is why their particular cash grabbing reunion tour is actually happening.

Or perhaps I just like one band more than the other.

Chris Robinson took me to another place when I watched the “Remedy” video back in ’91. That barefoot merry marauder look complete with pirate earrings. He knew how to bring it on. Rich handled his cherry red oversized Gretsch with great care, not as flashy as his barefoot brother though he did look dandy in that cranberry plush velvet suit and Pantene-perfect hair. This was obviously the quieter one, the brooding brother, judgmental and jealous. Chris, on the other hand, came well versed in ’70s rock dude cliches and knew how to work a room. Rich took the back seat but you could tell he wanted to drive the van. He always had a sour look on his face when Chris was doing his thing. The boys eventually split over money, one of the main trifecta for band breakups (drugs and women being the other), but the seeds of their downfall were already well planted even during their finest MTV moment of their glory days.

If the Crowes Actually reunite and tour, I will save some of my much-too-hard-earned money to go see this circus when it comes through town. Most seem to be hoping for the worst, either secretly or openly, but I hope they mended fences since the latest round of press sparring. I honestly think he went too far that time, but shout out to Rich for the Buddhist-level non-retaliation. Perhaps they haven’t quite hugged it out. Perhaps the cash is just too sweet not to grab this time around. But this particular Pay The Mortgage Tour promises to be much different from most of the others for just one key reason: It will be unpredictable.

Baby why can’t you sit still

Who killed that bird on your window sill

All I want is some Remedy for me


Tina Romano