Greening Lambourne, Zener_21, (Sensory Leakage) 

A possible enigma. Possibly operating from Bristol, possibly not. Possibly an individual, possibly several. No photos exist, only a hieroglyph. Ambient cassette slinger Greening Lambourne is back after a pair of promising 2018 tapes (Thought LEADER and Thought PARTNER) with a fully realized analog + digital + electric gee-tar = mad drone work/journey in Zenar_21. GL comes out fully swinging on the first several minutes of magnetic reel; opener “Kilgrimol” is downright jaunty, while the epochal “Daydream Manifestations” is dreamy but cold winter drizzle. Then we head off into the dream space void with “Road Soda” (Serve it up, Gary) and never look back. “Duvet Day Again” is downright gorgeous with its aching, circular six string plucks that never quite come all the way around and a couple of minimal synth lines kidnapped from a Tangerine Dream deep cut, tossed into the back of a van, and stripped of all their gloss in a disused warehouse by men in grey rain jackets. And then there’s “In My System”, rising up from the tape’s back half like a obelisk through deep fog, stately and glacial and, like the rest of Zener_21, warped just enough to be free.