Jeff Tweedy, Love Is The King, (dBpm Records)

For those who tuned out of the whole Wilco/Tweedy circus once they lost their Being There twang and started working in kraut rock rhythms and wife-killer lyrical tirades, you can officially beam yourself back in to Jeff Tweedy’s solo records. 2018’s Warm was essentially a stripped-down AM; indeed “I Know What It’s Like” would have fit snugly between that record’s “Box Full Of Letters” and “Shouldn’t Be Ashamed”. The well-named Warmer was folksier, the closest ol’ Jeff has come to reliving Mermaid Avenue but thankfully devoid of songs about unions. This one, which in a perfect universe would have been titled Warmest (you’re slippin’, Tweedy), is the best of the three, with the jaunty “Opaline” (“I hear the po-lice outside my window”) and “Gwendolyn” with its Thin Lizzy riffing ringing loud and clear as instant all-time Tweedy classics. If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if Tweedy and his two sons tried to sound like the Allman Bros, then tune right in to “Natural Disaster”, and in “Guess Again” and closer “Half Asleep” Tweedy explores the bi-polar love song opposites, one self-assured and warm and the other desperate and tortured. It’s a songwriter’s masterclass. And there’s not a Nels Cline solo anywhere in sight.