The enigmatic four piece London band Bugeye is getting played on radio air waves along side MOSES and Bikini Kill.  This band is powerful mashup of Blondie, The Pixies and some slinky disco tossed in for good measure.

Let’s get to know them. Singer/guitarist Angela Martin was nice enough to answer a few questions.

How did you come up with the name? 

There’s a few versions of the story of how we got our name and it’s up to you which version you believe, if any at all… While travelling around Thailand a flying bug flew into my eye and I almost lost an eye due to infection, hence the name Bugeye or maybe it’s because we have a love of classic cars and our favourite is a Bugeye… or could it be that we’re huge Debbie Harry fans and she did a great B-side called Bugeye…. Or, is there in fact a hidden meaning to the name with each letter representing something personal. The mystery continues.

What is your story morning glory? How did you get together?

I’ve known Paula (our bass player) for almost forever!  We met when we were 11 at school in east London. She was the only DM wearing kid so I just knew we would be friends avoiding the “popular crowd” and discovering music together. We formed our first band when we went to college, toured the UK supporting huge bands like The Cranberries before burning out and taking a bit of a hiatus from Bugeye. We were so young at that stage and didn’t really know what we were doing. Anyway, fast forward a few years to 2016 and we reunited to write new Bugeye material. In 2018 we added the drum skills of Kerrie Smith and the keyboard/synth coolness of Grace Healy, and here we are today.

You are signed correct. How is that going? Did you start as a DIY or get signed right away?

We started off as a DIY outfit, running our own label and managing ourselves. We never really had the desire to work with a label again, but the name Reckless Yes Records kept popping up on social media and I was intrigued by them. I was a huge fan of their roster and they just seemed so proactive and passionate about the bands they were working with, so when they contacted us to ask what our plans were for our music, I knew we were in safe hands. We joined the Reckless Yes Family in late 2019 and haven’t looked back since. Almost 6 months in and we’re really happy with how things are going.

Tell me about your latest song “Don’t Stop”? Who wrote it? What was the idea behind it?

Don’t Stop was one of the last songs that we wrote for the album. I actually wrote the bulk of this song on my own late one evening. I had this driving guitar part, synths and melody in my head, and I just knew that I had to get it down before it disappeared. I recorded a demo and sent it off to the rest of the band for thoughts. It was still very rough in form but they loved it and developed their parts to make the song what it is today.

Once again, I had drunk way too much while writing and that inspired the lyrics for this one. It’s a little dark. It starts off with the words ‘I know your name and I feel the shame, but I plan to see you, when I need to stop’. This is about addiction and the denial that there is even a problem. It’s about ultimately putting off getting help because you just won’t admit to yourself that you need it. You convince yourself that you have a handle on things and ,ok, you may have fucked up today, but tomorrow will be different, only it isn’t, you just end up in a downward spiral.

What is your favorite song to play live?

We have a song on the album called ‘Breakdown’ and that not only sends the audience into  dancing, moshing beautiful mayhem, but we get totally consumed by the music and it feels so very magical. There’s a lot of emotion and raw energy to that song. It’s super fast, it’s full of hooks, it chops and it bounces. It’s just so much fun to play and thrash around on stage.

How did you meet MOSES? 

I first met Moses via a friend called Caffy St Luce. She’s sort of the Fairy GodMother of Rock and has helped so many bands on their way to success. She’s awesome. Anyway, she kept posting about this band called Moses so I thought I had better check them out. I fell in love instantly and booked them to play my festival, Cro Cro Land. They went down a storm, as they always do at live shows. We actually planned to play a  show together in April this year, but a certain virus put a stop to that, but hopefully we’ll pick up on that once the world is in a better place.

Tina Romano