June 2019

The Groupies Are Real: Stories Behind Today’s DJs, Bands and Wild Fans

When people think of the word “groupie,” they tend to have a certain image pop up in their minds. For those of us who are older, they tend to think that the phenomenon of crazed fans who follow hair metal… Continue Reading →

Black Midi: The Strangest And Most Delightful Success Story Of 2019

Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the pompous snark The Financial Times tosses out there but their recent barbs at Black Midi were definitely flung in the wrong direction. Stick with shaming the rich and shameless, shall we,… Continue Reading →

Pop Music Isn’t Bad; Boring Music is Bad, and Billie Eilish’s Music Ain’t Bad

Last month, a close friend who keeps an ear much closer to the pop ground asked me to listen to Billie Eilish’s new album. During a train ride, I perused the rotting garden that is the pop scene, and found… Continue Reading →

Take the Money, Run, and Remember: A Brief Memory of the French Punk Scene

Growing up, I had no knowledge whatsoever of a ‘french punk scene’. The word punk brought up some vague Sex Pistols image at most, and it ended there for years to come. Then my mother put on a Metal Urbain… Continue Reading →

The Drahla Blues: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow With Last Week’s Hottest Band

As with any art form mashed into the business/media realm, mediocrity tends to triumph within the music industry while all the unique talent has the propensity to get overlooked. Speaking of this scenario, I’ve been wanting to write about a… Continue Reading →

The Madcap Rated, Complete Syd Barrett Volume 7: “Matilda Mother”

“Matilda Mother” by Pink Floyd, Released August 4th, 1967 Rick Wright doesn’t get nearly enough credit in the surprisingly narrow-minded Pink Floyd universe. Much like the giant monolith albums they created, there are certain unflinching myths and “facts” that must… Continue Reading →

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