December 2018

Niche Appeal’s 20 Favorite Records of 2018

I’m not going to pretend that I listen to a whole lot of new music, nor do I strive to keep up with emerging trends and sounds. As a matter of fact, if it isn’t from that ultra-heady decade between… Continue Reading →

Fender Precisions and Go Go Boots: The Carol Kaye Interview

“I got tired of playing that dinky rock n roll. Then they put a bass in my lap and, well…..” And off she went. One of the most prolific sessions musicians of all time, Carol Kaye has very for contenders… Continue Reading →

The Madcap Rated, Complete Syd Barrett Volume 6: “Lucifer Sam”

“Lucifer Sam” by Pink Floyd, Released August 4th, 1967 We’re only six tracks into the Madcap series and already I’m tripping over one of my Top 5 Syd Barrett bangers, not to mention one of the very best songs of… Continue Reading →

Cheap Karma & Thriftstore Suits: The Aaron Lee Tasjan Interview

Aaron Lee Tasjan oozes cool with his unique fashion sense and lyrical and guitar playing style. He dons 60s style psychedelic -looking round sunglasses and wide brimmed hats. He rules the stage as a bespoke gentleman wildly wielding his red, custom… Continue Reading →

Straight Outta’ Epping Forest: The Trent Halliday Interview

Trent Halliday just drips sophistication. Coming straight outta’ Epping Forest, a place that “straddles the border between Greater London and Essex” (perk up those ears, English folk enthusiasts), his music is littered with with cinematic avant garde nuggets. Trent works… Continue Reading →

The Madcap Rated, Complete Syd Barrett Volume 5: “Astronomy Domine”

“Astronomy Domine” by Pink Floyd, Released August 4th, 1967 The first sounds one hears when cuing up Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, Syd Barrett’s first foray into the album format, are the garbled distress signals of a lost… Continue Reading →

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