March 2018

Last Impressions Of Earth: Virtue by The Voidz

If a wise sage had predicted in 2001 that the louche, leathered-up and super-hyped lead singer of The Strokes would one day, around the golden age of 40, be dropping pounding, ominous darkwave bangers with Indian-inspired shrieking choruses, the elder… Continue Reading →

Critic Review: Michael Nelson of Stereogum on Virtue by The Voidz

Holy hell, what in sweet, sweet Satan’s name is this? Who gave Michael Nelson posting rights on the Stereogum site? Who gave Michael Nelson access to their Adderall prescription? How has Michael Nelson slipped through the cracks of the mental… Continue Reading →

Dissing Ryan Adams: An Emerging Songwriting Genre

Ever since his band Whiskeytown reared its twangy head in 1994, Ryan Adams, the short, mouthy, Edward-Scissorhands-haired “alt-country” wunderkind has been attracting a wide array of hate from all angles. Like Liam Gallagher with more pedal steel, Mr. Adams has… Continue Reading →

Navigating Electric Miles’ Live Recordings (1969-1975) – Bitches Brew Live

Is it the appropriation and re-appropriation of black and white culture, back and forth, until we’re given something uniquely colorblind?  

Ayahuasca Dreamin’: Erika Wennerstrom – Sweet Unknown

All too often, you’re checking out some list of upcoming albums and see a familiar name. Another band leader dropping a solo release. And the typical result? A couple of solid tracks that would’ve been improved by the band’s contributions… Continue Reading →

Altamont: A Musical Review

Rest in peace to Meredith Hunter. The sacrificial lamb of the ’60s. He is easy to identify in the Maysles Brothers footage that made up the Gimme Shelter movie due to his psychedelic green suit, hovering on the edge of… Continue Reading →

Critic Review: Evan Rytlewski of Pitchfork on Sublime’s 40oz. to Freedom

  Ah, Saturdays at Pitchfork World Headquarters. After a long week made hella’ stressful by malfunctioning Nespresso machines, board meetings to determine editorial standing on the new Father John Misty single, and coming up with review intros such as, “Kodak… Continue Reading →


So I may not know what true hurt feels like, but the death of those three obnoxiously capped letters hits me hard.

MGMT – Little Dark Age

  MGMT is the type of band you seriously want to hate. Instant massive success? Check. Songs named “Brian Eno”? Check. Paisley headbands? Hella’ check. If you were alive in 2007 and heard one of their monster singles from their… Continue Reading →

The Breeders – All Nerve

This definitely sounds like a Breeders album… yet it does not sound like an album cemented in that specific time and place of the early Clinton-era 90’s. There’s always been a tender sweetness in Kim Deal’s voice, permeating through the… Continue Reading →

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