Earlier this week, middle-aged comedian Jon Daly fell into an increasingly typical old person trap by becoming incensed at the face tats and codeine-drenched otherworldliness of the Soundcloud rap pack. This has been an unfortunate trend amongst otherwise cool older white (and black) individuals from accountants to rappers ever since the genre finally poked its multi-colored-dread head out onto the mainstream radar in 2017. It’s nearly always an unfortunate look, with the old folks in question coming off as, well, old and out of touch. Jon Daly’s mother most likely tsk tsk tsked his Echo & The Bunnymen goth shag when he was 15, so his calling out the Soundcloud kids for their fashion decisions would appear, on the surface at least, to be the completion of an ages-old disapproval cycle.

In Daly’s case, an offhand Tweet about ascendant, face-tatted heartthrob Lil Xan plunged him into the type of Xan stans dragfest that evokes the image a pack of feral 7th graders dragging down an aged elephant for the kill. It was just the type of relentless pile-on that would cause weaker-hearted individuals to temporarily delete their social media. Even Mr. Xanarchy himself chimed in with a blow to the heart of every middle-aged dude who realizes these kids all drive Ferraris: “You sorry that I’m rich as well ?” The next thing you know the story was picked up by Stereogum and the other “we’ll do anything for clicks” outlets, instantly relegating Jon Daly to the “didn’t he once been with Xan” category forevermore.

Instead of following the normal script and issuing some sort of weak apology, getting dragged some more by the Xanarchy Nation, then slumping back into 100K follower obscurity, Jon Daly boldly and wisely chose instead to DOUBLE THE FUCK DOWN. He’s gone ahead and released this Soundcloud rap parody where he poses as Lil Xan’s father and drops lines like “What’ve you done to your face” and “You used to light up a room”. No really, he really has done this, and he managed to get it done only a day after the Xangate. For some reason he’s clutching a saxaphone on the cover and rocking an IMDB hat, shirtless, with drawn-on face tats mimicking those of his new arch nemesis, or should we say his new son. He also appears to be rocking a “69” fake tat on his neck, an obvious shout out Jack White’s favorite Soundcloud shouter, Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Now, is this shameless clout chasing on Daly’s part? Of course it is. But what saves it is that it’s a DEAD ON parody. We’re not sure who produced this banger but it’s a perfect distillation of the type of lazy pop rap beat that accompanies the very lowest rungs of the Soundcloud rap basement. Extra points are awarded for Daly’s use of a Tupac sample, nodding to the Xan Man’s recent “Tupac is boring” controversy. And then there’s Jon Daly himself who flawlessly and effortlessly mimics the “yahhhhhs” utilized by Lil Soundclouds everywhere when they’ve run out of things to yell about under their Auto-Tune filters, the “trying way too hard to sound like we’re on nine Xanax bars” drawling, and the random rinky-dink choruses with their phoned-in hooks. The image of Jon Daly making Lil Xan do chores for his allowance is terrific, and even though a 40-something comedian begging a 21-year-old rapper for a kiss may sound creepy on the surface, the sheer audacity on display here makes the joke ring true. He’s his Dad, after all, and Xan is just going to have to deal with the embarrassment. Daly has obviously done his research on the sounds and overarching aesthetics of the Soundcloud rap genre, pulling off by far the best impression yet of this ever-confusing pop culture uprising. And like only the very best parodies, “I’m Your Dad” end up sounding even better than most of the real thing.

Rating: 92/100

Fab Five Freddy Kruger