The Tisburys’ “Gin In My Coffee” sweeps in with the type of loose, honey-hooked bop that makes for the perfect spring/summer musical vessel. Lead man Tyler Asay brings his elegant pipes to the mix, waxing bittersweet about those fleeting easy going times before the end of a relationship with the type of vivid clarity that only the best songwriters seem to possess. His words drip with nostalgia for the songs and the ease of a relationship or friendship that felt familiar and, most importantly, comfortable. This lighthearted but inherently doomed feeling is underscored by a “ray of sunlight” riff and a twinkle of keys which render this already gorgeous track downright irresistible.

“Do you remember laying on the roof of a friend’s apartment with nothing left to prove?”

This song feels like a sun-soaked city June afternoon, and while it doesn’t go too heavy it doesn’t shy away from hinting that things didn’t stay this good for too long.

“Those wonder years were gone before you know, even when I punched through the window”

There’s a forsaken sigh to Asay’s voice as he lays out that hazy, “wait, what did I do?” confusion that comes with the morning after.

“I always remember that day, I remember the favor asked me, I lost my lunch on the street, Must have put too much gin in my coffee”

At the 3.51 mark, a brazen guitar solo comes on like a cool splash of water to the face. Musically, The Tisburys are symbiotic with unforced interplay and pitch-perfect harmonizing that feels effortless. as you can tell from the way they play off one another in their harmonizing. It all adds to the soothing, if romantically regretful, vibe of this great track.

Asay and his partner-in-crime John Domenico are the mainstays of the Tisburys and have been making music together for decades, performing their first gig when they were both 7. It was a piano recital, and it was nowhere near successful. Eventually they ditched the keys for their Martin guitars, which seems to have been the right decision.

Their latest EP, Wax Nostalgic, was released last Friday. Support this old-fashioned hard working American band.


Tina Romano