“Pressed white suit, A well groomed ‘stache, Better exhale before your lungs collapse.”

The Figgs, who have been serving up their minimalist, hooky, bass-heavy brand of indie trad goodness since the distant ’90s, come out the gate swinging on “Grab Your Pack”, the first track of their Shady Grove record which drops soon. Featuring a stutter-step rhythm, ominously perfect harmonies, and a guitar solo that manages to sound like what it feels to know someone’s following you on a dark street, “Pack” is reserved but tense, tight but expansive, a swirling mass of delicious contradictions. Figgs fans will instantly swoon at the on-brand melodic sweep of the chorus, but there’s a sinister edge going on here that’s been kept to the edges of the Figgs canon on previous releases. Hearing this as the first single to an upcoming album sure makes one wonder just what may be up with this triple LP we’re soon to be blessed with.

Although the track might recall the more taut rockers in the Figgs’ expansive back catalog, think “Chinese Handcuffs” or “Chased”, it’s not often we get this type of dystopian-level darkness on the lyrical end. This song sure does read like a warning. “It’s time to go, everybody panic”  When the percussion picks up the pace in the song’s final seconds it works to accentuate the endless march doomed exile conjured within the track.

32 years and still going strong, The Figgs are smart enough to dodge the hero trap lots of songwriters have been falling into lately, shrugging off virtuous platitudes and making a beeline for the solace of a darkened bedroom.

 “The world’s a mess, it’s in my head, pull the covers tight, go back to bed”

Check out an exclusive preview of “Grab Your Pack” here and don’t forget to check out the new record when it drops. You should check them out live, too, at their upcoming dates:

05.29.19 Philadelphia, PA- Boot & Saddle w/ Vixen77

05.30.19 Chapel Hill, NC- The Cave

05.31.19 Winston-Salem, NC- Heyday Guitars

06.01.19 Asheville, NC- Worley Firley Farm

06.02.19 Athens, GA- House Concert

06.08.19 Somerville, MA-The Burren


Tina Romano