The gentleman who make up Citylightz are not shy. They are brash, outspoken, deliciously fresh. They’ve broken up more times than they’ve actually played gigs, but they always seem to mend fences and get back at it. The UK 5-piece takes on minor inconveniences such as Brexit and wage inequality, but they aren’t unfunny and can be heard chatting in radio interviews about Blink 182 and American Pie.

Their new track is called “Proof” and features alley rat slithering guitar riffs and punk hop vocals. It’s all so invitingly ferocious. There seems to be two guitars and a bass in the mix, but who can be sure really, and whoever is drumming is a complete monster. Rendered within this din, lyrics focusing on “blood and corruption” somehow steer clear of being cliché.  You just don’t hear this type of full-tilt rage bubbling up from the indie scene anymore, and for this reason alone I fully support this band and you should too.

Turn on the LIGHTZ.


Tina Romano