This Dutch psych/surf/synth pop five piece lays down airy, floating grooves tied to traditional song structures and is by far our favorite new find this week. The curly-haired lead singer possesses one of those real-deal soul voices that, if used for evil, could be grating but within the synth washes and easy rolling minimalist riffs of Feng Suave has found its natural home. There is absolutely nothing over-the-top about this band, although the subtle nature of the proceedings is more elevating than meek and shrugging like the current crop of “we’re in the ’70s here, dudes” AM Gold pretenders. The trebled, whispering guitar lines intertwine nicely, and the drummer may look like the “nice until the moment shit goes down” bouncer at your local but has an easy, rolling style on the kit that never tries to impress with unnecessary fills. He may rock a outre’ caveman jumper, but he doesn’t pound those drums to oblivion and the patience and subtlety he wields just may be this band’s secret weapon. For such a soul-drenched group, it’s interesting that there’s more than a hint of shoegaze glaze dynamic going on here, complete with tangles of pedals and echoes of Ride-haze on the periphery. Tracks like “Noche Oscura” even get a bit heavy, with descending riffs and feedback that lands somewhere on the heavier end of the stoner rock spectrum. To truly behold the languid grandeur of this band, there is no better example than this gloomy beach session where they ply their deceptively airy sound to a smattering of disinterested beach goers, pushing lyrics such as “It’s the perfect night to sink into the floor and die” out into the crashing waves.

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Tina Romano