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Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #16: Paul McCartney “McCartney III”

Paul McCartney, McCartney III (Capitol) There are many strange factions and cults of Beatles enthusiasts…those who feel Magical Mystery Tour is better than Sgt. Peppers, those who espouse the genius of Ringo…and one that I’ve found myself falling into lately is… Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Jody Stephens: The last surviving Big Star member speaks on the band’s early days, his eclectic post BS career, and why he hates “Guitar Man” by Bread

I dialed the number he left me, only to be stopped short by a voicemail message. Was it perhaps too good to be true that Jody Stephens, the legendary drummer and last surviving member of perennial power pop gods Big… Continue Reading →

Fixing Paul McCartney’s Solo Career

Look, the early solo years of the four Beatles didn’t have to be a competition. In the free-thinking, flower power spirit of that time the formerly fabz could have collaborated on and complimented one another on their early forays into… Continue Reading →

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