Please allow us to introduce yourselves to Party Muscles, a 4-piece retro AF garage rock whirlwind from Philly.

The gun in their most popular video may be a prop, but Party Muscles is the real deal, that rarest of all of today’s breeds, a ROCK N’ ROLL BAND. Raw and seemingly unfiltered, the PM serve up the type of unhinged-yet well-executed riffs that have captivated the masses, then the few, then the masses once again for 40 decades now.

Those guitars are the real highlight on this record, and nowhere as obvious as on “Pocari Sweat” which rides a 2002 Strokes bounce to catchy, should-be-a-hit glory. The video is shot on a Philly badlands street straight out of a Youtube rapper’s playbook, with the band flexing true 1971 chic looks and attitude which blend in with, as opposed to contrast, their blighted surroundings.

“She Goes to Juuliard” is a vicious swipe at a cheating girlfriend, only in this case the scenario is flipped and being sung from the perspective of a curiously heartsick homewrecker as opposed to the usual cuckold perspective. “I don’t want to be your secret/You don’t want anything more than that.” Tyler Pursel and Everett Gordon scratch at the edges of their Fender strings, creating riffs that careen carelessly from speaker to speaker as if they can’t possibly be contained, and the 4-part harmony on the break is a nice and unexpected touch.

“Peruvian Sunshine” hits like two fat lines of powder and, at 2-minutes-and-46 seconds, lasts just as long. It’s a real scene stealer on this 11-track rush of an album, crisp and fierce in a way this type of music has to be in order to truly get over, with the cutting lyrics and swift, edgy rhythms that are fast becoming this band’s specialty. If thematically unhinged but tightly wound blasts from the garage are your thing, then Party Muscles fully deserves your next spin.

Key Tracks:

“She Goes to Juuliard”

“Pocari Sweat”

“Secret Language”


Tina Romano