Drakeo The Ruler, We Know The Truth 

Our ten favorite verses on recently and rightly freed Drakeo The Ruler’s stunning new masterpiece:

From instant anti-bullying classic “Fullies For Bullies”

I had a altercation with a bully, had to flatline him
I was only out nine days, they got me back violent
Had to quarterback a couple, chill, bitch, I’m Matt Ryan 
Had to go do a couple in jail, it was bad timing
We heard your diamonds got a slight imperfection
To you it’s cool but my posse won’t accept it
Hold up two letters, call me Mr. Lethal Weapon
Walkin’ in Christians, I’m a cup away from Heaven
If you been where I been, you’d be traumatized
We can kick it, we can groove, but you not my wife
Why you carryin’ a gun? I been shot at twice
You know Tuesdays and Thursdays it’s hot outside
You gon’ die, I’ma live, it ain’t rockеt science
I put a twenty in thе D’USSÉ to stop from cryin’
Everybody tough as hell ’til shots get fired
You should look up at the news, your mom’s cryin’

And here’s a nice bisexuality awareness verse from “Big Dogg”

Sticks in the coupe, the doors went up, bisexual
Any n**** playing foul ball, get a technical
I just gave ’em fifteen shots there go his youth
Banana clip and a lemon squeeze this a fast truth
Drowned a n**** at the club, he was born in ’88
We in all designer but my shooter got the shady face
When I was a kid hoes say I had the baby face
Chunky Monkey in my Bathing Apes
Want some of this beef, you gon’ have to say Amazing Grace

From Dead Milkmen update “Punk Rock Bitch” (RIP Juice WRLD)

Whatchu doing? SWAT team came tactical
Sticks in the car and a mattress too
Don’t run up on Drakeo, he’s a active dude
Hop out the Bentley in the valley, just blasting fool
N****, this is my story, you had your chance
All you need to worry about is back up dancing
I shot the .40 so long the plastic melted
When hammer time come, bitch, I’ma crack your melon
Everything you heard about me is exclusive
10 bricks in the car, I’m the juice man
The feds come, I’ma go out like Juice WRLD
Better listen when I talk, it’s true story

From Song Of The Year Contender “Fights Don’t Matter”

I looked at my wrist two times and caught pneumonia
I hopped out the coupe with Nina Ross, she is a smoker
If you never had a shootout at the club, pass my blower 
I just beat a n**** with a Neiman Marcus store bag 
Walking on water, critics say that I’m icy, Saweetie
I just made him drop it like it’s hot with a micro me
N****s starin’ at me like we cool, I’m not your friend
The plug told me seventeen a piece, I started Paisa dancin’
Mister big bank uchie face
Can I hit your cup? She got hit with the stupid face
This was back in my Gucci days
I turned to Jet Li and got blood on my Boosie fade

From the gliding post apocalyptic LA-at-night anthem, “In My Rear”, where grammar is used as an effective threat:

My chop named Usain Bolt
Try to run from it shell drop like exclamation marks
You used the wrong sentence
Moral of the story is he dead with some parts missin’
15 shots to the neck I’m a bartender
In a minute you gon’ be somebody Paul Bearer
I’m with my shorty he like knockin’ down tall n*****
Looked at my wrist and started catchin’ Ray Charles symptoms
Beams in the night shit can get nocturnal
Ima hit him hard she gon’ cry murder
Talkin’ greasy in them comments I might hurt you

From effortlessly catchy and menacing “Mardi Gras”

I just poured a 4 up in a 20 I’m in Barnеy’s world
N**** mad at me cause I ain’t wanna give him autographs
Arguе with a bitch I just put em’ in a garbage bag
I’m in Neimen Marcus mud walkin’ with a army bag
Drop it on the floor what’s that? It’s a hunditty
Who that Drakeo? It’s in a bag don’t come for me
I just flatlined your best friend what you wanna do?
He’s never comin’ back and that’s that let’s just call it truce

From the Bill Clinto repping “Friday”

All that wolfin’ in my phone bitch go kill somethin’
I just popped a batman I feel like Bill Clinton
The jury know I had the money from the steal image
Her BD from Arkansas and I still hit it
That was three years ago man you still trippin?
My reputation said I’m wylin’ I don’t kill n*****
And I don’t know you killed the homie tweets and still snitchin’
The jury had a different verdict but you feel different

And finally, from the Charles Manson-inspired “Captions”.

Cold devil, bitch I’m icy hot
Get up on the stand, yes I did not
All I heard was bout 10 not guiltys n****
It’s hot but I still flu in my chinchilla
I got off the block from all the hate up in the wilderness
This is for the king up on the hill
I hit his goons with the Boomhauer
Yeah dammit Bobby pulled up on him in a kamikaze
Gave him 15 and made his last words “free Rozzi”
I ain’t gotta tattoo tears on me 
These n***** hate me ask they dead homies
He don”t die Ima throw some bread on him
My young n**** went special ed on him
They talkin’ bout some shit that nеver happened
Can’t bеlieve they almost made me stop rappin’

Let’s all be glad they couldn’t make Drakeo to stop rapping.