These days I’ve been bumping a lot of Grace Vonderkuhn.

Grace comes swinging right out of the gate with a very real sense of self-confidence and a refreshingly brash attitude. I like a chick with attitude as long as she isn’t over-the-top “Hey I’ve got attitude here!” with it, and Grace is definitely on the effortlessly cool side of the attitude fence. Her stage presence carries definite Patti Smith vibes and you can hear it in her vocal delivery. Oh, and did I yet mention that this girl can fucking SHRED? No? Ok, then of Grace Vonderkuhn can FUCKING SHRED. That’s just facts. A double threat emotive belter and master of a Telecaster, it’s a potent combination that instantly puts grace near the top of the 2018 indie gee-tar band ghetto.

There’s nothing pretty or ponderous about her music, which leans heavy on Sleater-Kinney without coming across as an obvious tribute. There’s some garage-y undertones adding a flavor of unpredictability and pointing to future development, and the ’90s loom large like a series of Belly and Breeders posters over an alphabetized rack of CDs.

There’s a true sense of pride that bleeds through in Vonderkuhn’s music, interviews, and social media, an entirely refreshing commodity that runs directly against the “aww shucks” shrug walk currently trod by the majority of on-radar guitar bands. Her look is great too, with a seemingly unironic mullet, giant glasses definitely not from Warby Parker, and shirt tucked into her jeans in a manner more Indiana than Greenpoint.

Here is to hoping she gets more attention and airplay. If you’re like me and your personal preference is to hear women who rock rather than mope, then bump some Grace Vonderkuhn stat.

Tina Romano

Photo courtesy of WXPN Philadelphia