Seattle native and luminous veteran singer songwriter Damian Jurado is back at it. Damian gifts us a deeply melancholy track that still manages too offer a tinge of the playfulness he’s known for. “Birds Tricked Into The Trees” leans hard on his signature rambling lyrical stylings. It essentially comes off as a sunny daylight epiphany mixed with a break up song. It’s about knowing when to say you are wrong. It’s also about moving on.

This wasn’t part of the plan 

A major flaw in the design 

Birds tricked into the trees

We’ve imagined

Once I was turning around 

I miss the colors and sound 

Fade now into perfected imperfections

Easy rolling guitar guitars sweetly snake around the subtle but well arranged rhythm. This porch song single is the first off his upcoming album, What’s New Cowboy, dropping on May 1. If this lush little number clocking in at 2:14 is any indication, this should be yet another songwriting masterclass from an artist who’s been around long enough and released enough solid albums to have attained icon status.

Check out D. doing the song live:


Tina Romano