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Navigating Electric Miles’ Live Recordings (1969-1975) – Live-Evil

A bit of a paradox here… Despite the title, not necessarily a “live” album, with half the tracks recorded directly in the Columbia studio, and the remaining tunes being spliced together from different performances, recorded December 1970 at DC’s The… Continue Reading →

Hiss-Scream Alert! Rolo Tomassi – Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It

Warning: This record features vocal cord-lacerating hiss-screams. If you fear the extremes of the human voice, hide under a blanket now.   Rolo Tomassi could be from anywhere (They’re from Sheffield, England, but try to find proof of that in the… Continue Reading →

All Time Weirdest Records #49: Lucifer Rising

Let’s just get one thing out of the way straight up front about this record: The soundtrack to Kenneth Anger’s 1972  (oc)cult classic Lucifer Rising was recorded in Tracy Prison in San Joaquin, California by Robert “Cupid” Beausoleil of Manson… Continue Reading →

Yo! Niche Appeal Raps: “I’m Your Dad” by Jon Daly

Earlier this week, middle-aged comedian Jon Daly fell into an increasingly typical old person trap by becoming incensed at the face tats and codeine-drenched otherworldliness of the Soundcloud rap pack. This has been an unfortunate trend amongst otherwise cool older… Continue Reading →

U.S. Girls – In A Poem Unlimited

Prologue: I don’t particularly want to be alive right now. #MeToo and its related movements have scorched through the progressive landscape and shone a discomforting spotlight on Straight White Maleness, to which I’m told I belong. “Men suck!” I proclaim!… Continue Reading →

Navigating Electric Miles’ Live Recordings (1969-1975) – Agharta and Pangaea

Sly Stone may have been this funky, but he was never this heavy. Bass and drums… Tight! Hard! Guitar and percussion… laying down a heavy groove, just right above. Yamaha organ… Ok, most that is just plain weird. Sax… mother… Continue Reading →

Pop Will Eat Itself: Lissie – Castles & My Wild West

When all kinds of artists are getting labeled as “pop”, it’s easy to forget that “pop” is just the shorthand for “popular music”, a genre that changes with the seasons and preferences of an ever-fickle population. So what about those… Continue Reading →

All Time Weirdest Records #50: Nik Turner’s Sphynx, Xitintoday

Here at Niche Appeal we will be covering our top 50 weirdest, trippiest, wildest, and woolliest records ever laid down on wax. Today we kick things off with a gift from Hawkwind sax man Nik Turner straight from the cursed… Continue Reading →

Navigating Electric Miles’ Live Recordings (1969-1975) – Bitches Brew Live

Is it the appropriation and re-appropriation of black and white culture, back and forth, until we’re given something uniquely colorblind?  

Ayahuasca Dreamin’: Erika Wennerstrom – Sweet Unknown

All too often, you’re checking out some list of upcoming albums and see a familiar name. Another band leader dropping a solo release. And the typical result? A couple of solid tracks that would’ve been improved by the band’s contributions… Continue Reading →

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