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Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #32: Inquisition “Black Mass For A Mass Grave”

Inquisition, Black Mass for a Mass Grave (Agonia Records) 2020 is just oh so right for black metal, and black metal has indeed not disappointed over the past 12 months. Even so, it wasn’t at all hard to choose just one… Continue Reading →

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #33: Serge Gainsbourg “A La Maison de la Radio”

Serge Gainsbourg, A La Maison de la Radio, (Digger’s Factory) For the past few years, buried within the layers and layers of overpriced trash flooding the bins on Record Store Day have been some wonderful archival Gainsbourg releases. These are… Continue Reading →

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #34: AC/DC “Power Up”

AC/DC, Power Up, (Columbia) In a year where “Believe The Science” became something of a mantra, then you best fucking believe in AC/DC. With the possible exception of Motorhead (Rest In Power, Lemmy), no other well-known group has their sound… Continue Reading →

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #36: Jeff Tweedy “Love Is The King”

Jeff Tweedy, Love Is The King, (dBpm Records) For those who tuned out of the whole Wilco/Tweedy circus once they lost their Being There twang and started working in kraut rock rhythms and wife-killer lyrical tirades, you can officially beam yourself back in… Continue Reading →

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #37: 21 Savage & Metro Boomin’ “Savage Mode II”

21 Savage & Metro Boomin’, Savage Mode II (Slaughter Gang/Epic)   Key lines from Savage Mode II *All lyrics by 21 Savage unless otherwise noted   “I ain’t with the rap beef, Draco pedophile, all my opps get touched” “I… Continue Reading →

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #38: The Psychedelic Furs “Made Of Rain”

The Psychedelic Furs, Made Of Rain (Cooking Vinyl) This is the record The National have been trying to write for the past 15 years. It’s also easily the most comforting record I became immersed in during the 20. Yes, comforting…. Continue Reading →

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #39: The Strokes “The New Abnormal”

The Strokes, The New Abnormal (Cult/RCA) How’s this for a plot? Your fave wholesome former alcoholic 40-something Dad rocker suddenly sculpts his hair into a severe mullet and dyes it more colors than 6ix9ine’s wildest Adderall dreams. As with any… Continue Reading →

Niche Appeal’s Fave 2020 Records #40: The Black Lips “Sing in a World That’s Falling Apart”

In a year where horrible things happened such as The Libertines becoming gentrifying hoteliers and Eddie Van Halen running with the devil all the way to heaven, it can be tough to locate the gems sparkling amidst the mire. We… Continue Reading →

Dallas Acid: Meditation Music For the Fringes

Far back in the misty, decadent crevices of mid-2000s North Brooklyn there existed a ragtag, elegantly bearded band of Stones-worshipers that just about made it. Just about but not quite. The band in question was VietNam, a Michael Gerner-led gaggle… Continue Reading →

Lil Wayne’s Latest Mixtape: A Staggering Display of Postmodern Lyrical Absurdity

Here’s a challenge for all the English and Lit degree holders, the self-described writers and poets, and anyone else out there who feels they have a better-than-average grasp on vocabulary, syntax, alliteration, and the “bulls eye of beauty” that Yeats… Continue Reading →

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