Do the kids of today l know how to friend, love, free fall? Do they know the underplayed ladies who crush it lately like Jenn Champion? Her raw vocals and inanely hilarious videos are the edgy vibes I am craving. I want a song like  “OMG (I’m so over it)” where Jenn brings out a subtle breath of coyness on lines like, “I’m all over it/ We’re gonna dance all night/ And maybe I’ll just come over/ I don’t wanna fall in love tonight.”

The video that goes with it shows Champion winking at the camera while wearing a red, white, and blue head band with tube sox and a geeky grin. I want to see her dancing at the workout place with questionable looking women in ’80s exercise wear. I want to hear her singing “Time to Regulate” while dancing like a nerd with a dancing a crew of ladies in short shorts and bad hair. “Yea I got the good maple syrup. You will put it on you waffles and go to school and get straight As. You won’t be like me. I carried a boxcutter to every show in Lollapalooza” The tattered looking woman joins her crew to have a dance off with Jenn and friends. The result is straight up hilarity.

“Coming for You”, an older song, teeters on the edge of tearjerker territory. Her vocal style reminds me of American Jem. I appreciated the heartbroken swagger in a sentiment like, “When you can’t stand up / I’ll be standing for you”. In the video she deftly applies some chunky glitter eye shadow and is good to go. Full of ink and bravado, Jenn used to go by Jenn Ghetto but I suppose the whole PC thing got to her and Champion is more obliging and frankly easier in the SEO optimization department. She has kick and grit and a voice that could handle ballads, some grunge pieces, and definitely some grooves that could get people on to the dance floor. She has personality, damn it, which is exceedingly rare in indie these days. I, for one, salute her.

Tina Romano