Buenos Diaz pits a trebly, in-the-red guitar slashing against forward-falling streams  lyrics that combine to come on like a cold slap of water on your skin at dawn. This isn’t “get up and go” music. This is startled suddenly awake and confused music. There is nothing safe about it, and this comes across at its purest on “Nervous”.

He rattles off his lyrics in a beatnik cadence, anchoring the verbiage with returns to a central theme that soaks the track straight through: “I’m so nervous. You’re so nervous.” His gutter-growled lyrics go beyond mere claustrophobia, into the realm of the hunted. Dude feels nervous, trapped, and everyone in his orbit feels the same. At one he renders himself mental asylum bound. the tracks’ penultimate moment comes at the 1:44 mark, when he quits attempting to communicate verbally and rips into the type of visceral Tele solo that sends spark shards in all directions, both primal and oddly celestial. The sense of anxious concern on display is palpable in every groove. Buenos Diaz describes “Nervous” as “a release of pent up frustration and electric energy. Get it in your head.” This song just begs for a Klonopin.

The song is retro in the best sense, marrying a longing for a forgotten, and possibly non-existent, luminous and free 1970s with the cold shock of the contemporary realm. In other words, It’s timeless.

Tina Romano