If Dee Dee Ramone and Debbie Harry had a love child (and let’s be honest, that could have happened) it would be Bad Mary. This Strong Island four piece comes on with the “it ain’t broke so don’t dare fuckin’ fix it” formulaic power of Dee Dee’s band mixed with the edgy pop smarts of her spiritual mother’s band. They put on a gimmicky-but-fun live shows with candy tossed into the audience. “They’ve been gigging since 2009 and have been steadily gaining a sizable regional following as of late. “The more we’ve been playing, the more we find people who are looking for it”

The name Bad Mary, after a fair amount of debate, came from a simple desire for a crisp, clean moniker. After all, “Bad Mary” rolls easily off the tongue plus it highlights that this is a female-fronted band. Ah, clarity. They wanted a band name that someone can scream across a parking lot. It’s clear and punchy. And it’s been working.

Lead singer Amanda belts the lyrics with a palpable sense of joy. She clearly enjoys fronting this band, which is much more than you can say for the majority of lead singers these days. They keep it all in the family as Mike (guitar) is her husband and the drummer, Bill, is, well, her Dad. Yes you heard that right. Not since the old dude who drummed for Spirit has their been a more colorful and generation-jumping percussion choice than this.

In a recent interview Amanda and Mike talked about the death of music industry and how this has no real impact on punk. ” Punk fans are old school. They want to buy the CDs and merch.”  Mike claimed if  he didn’t have punk rock, “I wouldn’t have gotten through high school”  He also stepped up to defend Green Day. “Seeing American Idiot was our first date.”

Most of their songs stay under the standard 3-minute mandate. The song titles, such as “Sucks to Be You” off Killing Dinosaurs, are self-explanatory. Either this is your bag or it isn’t, but even if it isn’t it’s still good to know this type of literal, viscerally fun punk still lives on.

They have a Patreon page and post entire live shows on their Facebook page. They play The Island as well as a few venues in the city. Catch them if you can. And remember, this band features a dad, man.


Tina Romano